Country of Study

We have programs designed for the following fields in various Universities in Australia:

1) Business 
2) Science
3) Computer & Information Technology
4) Engineering
5) Media & Communication
6) Art,Design & Architecture
7) Biomedical Sciences
8) Health Science
9) Computer Science
10) Teaching & Education
11) Physiotherapy
12) Nursing Programs

Multi- Cultural Society:

Australia is one of the most diverse multicultural countries in the world. International students bring the highest cultural diversity and sophistication to the university campuses and communities. International students are readily accepted by other students and faculties.

Cost of Living:

Accommodation and living expenses in Australia makes it more economical destination than any other countries in the world and the conversion factor makes it much cheaper than other destinations.

Quality Assurance:

Australian universities are governed by the Australian qualification framework and ESOS acts, which provides the highest level of protection for international students.

Post Study Work Opportunities:

Australia offers multiple employment opportunities for international students across various disciplines. It now permits international students with post study work opportunities subject to specified regulations..

International Scholarships:

Many Australian universities now offers scholarships to bright and eligible with strong academics international students, scholarships across various faculties of science, engineering, business, design and media studies. Again these would be competitive and based on stringent selection criteria. A few universities have started scholarships for Indian students as well.


Australia offers research opportunities to eligible candidates in areas of science and technology. Many universities boast of world class research facilities and infrastructure.

Top Chosen Universities

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