Country of study

In Recent Times Bulgaria has emerged as an overseas study destination as it offers high quality of education.

Another good reason for international students looking to study in Bulgaria is the high quality of universities coupled with low costs, both tuition fee as well as the cost of living.

Medicine Studies in Bulgaria has been of prime focus to International Students. It has 5 Medical Universities, 4 of which offer medical programs in English. These programs have a duration of 6 years- 2 years pre-clinical + 3 years clinical + 1 year internship. They lead to a Masters in Medicine degree, which is sufficient to obtain license in Bulgaria and many other  EU countries. Postgraduate medical study is also very common in Bulgarian Universities and generally with more capacity, allowing students to specialize in their chosen field of practice.
With the country boasting of a 98% literacy rate, Bulgaria’s education system is one that is held in very high regards not only in Europe but across the world.

With its mix of European cultures and a steadily increasing migrant population which includes international students coming to study at Universities and colleges, Bulgaria with all its natural beauty and historical culture increasingly becomes a vibrant multicultural society.

Bulgarian degrees in all study segments, more so medical degrees are recognised  across the EU and also medical councils of most of the major countries of the world including India. With its cost efficiency and high quality, Bulgaria would rank amongst the bright new destinations for international studies.

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