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Every year 3, 00,000 international students relocate to Australia. Most of them are from India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea & China. Indian students make up 9% of Australia’s student population. Here are the top 5 study abroad cities in Australia for Indian students.

  1. Perth:
    Perth is a study friendly destination in Western Australia and provides Indian students with a wide range of courses and a strong quality education system. Perth has University of Western Australia which is a part of the Go8 (Group of 8) universities, Curtin University which is affiliated to  the ATN ( Australian Technology Network) network, Edith Cowen University is popular for its communication programs whereas Murdoch University boasts of  very well-known research activities and is also affiliated with IRU (innovative Research University).
  2. Brisbane:
    Brisbane is host to 3 universities and has a lot of study and work opportunities for international students. University of Queensland is a part of Go8 universities and QUT is affiliated to the ATN group. Griffith University is a part of IRU.
  3. Melbourne:
    Melbourne is the top study abroad city in Australia for international students. It has 9 universities that offer variety of high quality educational courses. University of Melbourne & Monash University are a part of Go8, RMIT is affiliated to ATN group, and La Trobe University is the IRU of Melbourne. The Australian Catholic University is well renowned for its teaching & nursing courses other than business & IT. Deakin & Victoria University is also popular amongst Indian students.
  4. Adelaide:
    Adelaide is house to 3 well-known universities. University of Adelaide is a part of the Go8 Universities; University of South Australia is a part of ATN & Flinders is a part of IRU. Students prefer Adelaide as its cost of living is low.
  5. Sydney:
    Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia. It has 5 universities – house to 2 Go8 Universities – UNSW & University of Sydney. It also has UTS which is a part of ATN universities and UTS is very popular amongst Indian students. Macquarie University’s business & bio-science programs are very well known; University of Sydney, Western has very good health programs.
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